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“Does Dhrupad Gurukul offer classes using the traditional Gurukul method? What is that experience like?”

“Is this the best place to learn flute in Pune?”

“Can I schedule classes as per my convenience? Does each student get personal attention? ”

“What if I have no prior music knowledge? Can I still enrol at Dhrupad Gurukul ? Will the Guru help me identify my weaknesses and overcome them while fine-tuning my strengths?”

“How are classes conducted at Dhrupad Gurukul ? Do they maintain timing? Are they professional? How can they help me?”

Are questions like these crowding your mind as you decide to sign up for Dhrupad flute or vocal classes at Dhrupad Gurukul , Pune? See for yourself what our former as well as existing students have to say about their experience with us.

“Dhrupad Gurukul is the perfect 21st century Gurukul to learn Dhrupad music and flute in Pune!”

I’m completely transformed since the day I first joined Dhrupad Gurukul. The kind of energy and positivity that the entire class experiences whenever Guru Sameer Inamdar sings is simply amazing!I would say that Dhrupad Gurukul is the perfect 21st century Gurukul to learn Dhrupad music and flute in Pune! Tejaswini Mandke (works with volkswagen)

“Guru Sameer is a great mentor and helps us develop the correct approach to learning.”

At Dhrupad Gurukul, the emphasis is on purity and perfection in music. They go beyond mere technical training.

Guru Sameer is a great mentor and helps us develop the correct approach to learning. This helps in our personal life as well!

- Vidya Dhore (chartered accountant,Pune)

“Sameer Sir has great knowledge! He makes every class different and interesting!”

Sameer Sir has great knowledge and has skilfully introduced me to the nuances of Dhrupad music like transitions between the swaras, Dhrupad syllables, Merukhand, voice culture and Aalaps.

When I first joined Dhrupad Gurukul, I had a completely different perspective of classical music. Though I could easily sing with confidence, I could not stably sustain a particular note or swara. The notes/swaras used to vibrate. Sameer Sir helped me work on it. Now, I can easily sustain a single swara without it vibrating and that too, at the first instance!

Unlike in other institutes, where while learning under a different Guru, I used get bored learning one single Raga, here, at Dhrupad Gurukul, Sameer Sir has made each class on Raga Bhairav beautiful and interesting!

Ms. Monica Lahorani (C.A ,Bangalore)

“Dhrupad Gurukul’s uniqueness lies in how it teaches you about the micro shades of each note and the distinctive position that they hold in every Raag.” There is a marked improvement in my levels of patience, empathy and logic.

I have been learning at Dhrupad Gurukul for over a year now. Prior to this, for 5 years, I was learning to play the flute from a different institute.

I still remember my first session at Dhrupad Gurukul when Sameer Sir asked me to play any piece of music that I had previously learnt. I played Raag Bihag for a minute. After this, Sameer Sir proceeded to play the same Raag for 5 minutes. It was then that I realized that in all these years, the “connection with the soul” was missing in my playing style.

The beauty of Dhrupad style of music is its emphasis on the purity and stability of notes. The uniqueness of Dhrupad Gurukul is that they teach you the nuances of the different micro shades of each note and their distinctive positions in each different Raag. This is not at all available in the innumerable audios/videos available on Youtube/anywhere else online!

Sameer Naik, Software Professional

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