Welcome to Dhrupad Gurukul

Our journey of learning Dhrupad music starts here.

Dhrupad Gurukul was established to promote Dhrupad music and make it accessible to all music lovers. In this ceaseless endeavour, we conduct regular training and workshops,

apart from the classes held at the Gurukul (and online),to popularise this ancient and pure form of Indian classical music.

At Dhrupad Gurukul , you not only experience the melody and majesty of Dhrupad, but also get expert guidance on techniques of practice and presentation, realisation of MicroNotes

(Swarsthan), simplified methods to increase your vocal range and improve breath control.

The most distinguishing feature of Dhrupad is its purity, which has remained unchanged over the years. We recognize the importance of preserving this aspect of Dhrupad and hence,

we offer classes through the Guru-Shishya Parampara (one on one teaching methodology).

Come, be a part of this Dhrupad experience! Call us or sign up now!

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